Social Murder: The Jenelle Potter Story

Social media can get out of hand quickly in any number of ways, but Social Murder: The Jenelle Potter Story (as I’m assuming the Lifetime Movie title be called) is the most tragic. She’s the girl – I say girl, but she’s 30 – whose pops allegedly killed a couple because they defriended her on Facebook.

I wonder if the remaining friends she has on Facebook are scared shitless? They want to hit that unfriend button, but really, is it worth it?

Jenelle has all of her Facebook info hidden, probably doing America a favor, but her Myspace profile is like an open book. There are some interesting soundbytes like “I love to SHOOT GUNS for fun and no not at anyone.” The capitalization of “shoot guns” is a little freaky especially considering the victims, Billy & Billie, were shot. She also states, “But sometimes I do take things to heart and let things get to me. I try not too but its very hard not to let things gets to me.”

She also talks about her Daddy is the greatest in the world. I know a lot of people say that about their parents, but would your father irrationally kill people for you?

Her multiple “About Me” sections on Myspace are lengthy meandering trails of thought vomit but gives you a better perspective on how shit like this goes down.

It doesn’t look like she’s updated any of the information in awhile, but it is a bit haunting that her only featured song is “Apologize” by Timbaland and One Republic.

Here’s are the full bios and links to her Myspace and Facebook pages, FRIEND AT YOUR OWN RISK

Jenelle Potter on Myspace | Janelle Potter on Facebook

Jenelle Potter Myspace Bio”

“. I’m Jenelle. I’m from Kennett Square, Pa, but I moved to Tennessee 4 years ago.When i lived in PA i ws part of the youth grop and also young life. I loved being prat of them i do miss that alot.I do however love Tennessee . I dont however miss PA at all really. I miss a few friends but I talk to them alot. I’m a very loving and caring person. I have been told I’m to nice and so sweet. I love to have fun but I dont drink or party at all. I joke alot and I’m silly at times. But sometimes I do take things to heart and let things get to me. I try not too but its very hard not to let things get to me. I have a hard time trusting ppl. I have been hurt by a few and its hard for me to get close to anyone. But when I do I hold my friends so close to my heart. My bestfreinds have been mine for a very very long time. I know they would never hurt me. But I do trust in god and I know he will point me to what is right. I have the best Moma and Daddy in the world. They have really been there for me and they are great people . My Daddy was in the Marines and him and my mom were married while he was in the Marines. He was in Vietnam and my mom was working and they were married when they both were 18 and 19 years old. They have been together since they were 11 years old. Its so great. I love how they are and they have been through so much, but they are wounderful. I’m so lucky I am blessed with them. God has really been with them and us as a family. Then I have someone else that is a big part of my life. His name is David. He’s my boyfriend and my heart and everything. He has been there for me also. He has been the best thing to happen in my life. I love him to death. We both love each other so much. I dont know what I would do without him. I love how he makes me feel and how he just loves my family as well. I’m very close to my family and he is too. That makes me so happy. He’s so close to God also which makes me so happy. I really cant wait to become his wife.We are hopeing he will be moveing up here by next year. Then I have Melanie. She has been my bestfriend for many years. She is just so sweet and caring and understanding. She has been there for me in some good times and bad times. You’re a great bestfriend, Melanie. Carolyn has been a very good friend to me also. She and I have been through bad times with losing friends and not understanding why. But we know God has he reasons. We have cryed and laughed together and she is a awesome friend. She is so funny and she is sweet and caring. I love how she is. Then I have Chris. I have known him for a very long, long time. He’s a cop in PA. He’s a good guy and a true friend and almost like a Brother to me and married to a wounderful girl named Megan. I wish nothing but the best for you both. Then there is Mike. He’s been a good friend too. He is also a cop. hes funny and dont take thing so hard like some of us do. Then I have Garett. He’s in the marines. He’s been a friend of mine for along time and I’m so happy he’s doing good for himself. There is David C. He’s in the air force. He’s been my friend for many years. Thank you, David C., for being a great friend to me as well and always making sure I’m ok. There are so many others but they all know I love them. I just want eveyone to know I hold my friends close to my heart and they are so dear to me. I love you all so much. I hold God very high and close to me as well. Without God in my life, I don’t know where I would be. He has really blessed me with so much. I love being a Christian and knowing I’m HIS Child. I’m so lucky to have what I have. I would not be who I am today if it wasn’t for my Mama and Daddy and the great friends I have grown up with and for God blessing me. I love being who I am and I know who i am. I wanted to add my good friend Racquel her and I got to be great friends and still are. She is a real sweetie. She makes me Laugh alot. She is so silly and funny but arent we all. hahaha. I’m always here for you . and all my friends .. If you want to know more just ask. But pretty much eveyone knows me and how I am. Thank you eveyone for loveing me and always being there. :) If you ever need to email me its and my IM its bul2dog. :) I like to hang out with friends. I love to be with my David when I see him. but we talk all the time. I love to talk to the ones I can’t see on the phone. I love to dance and love music. I like to write a lot and watch movies. I love to SHOOT GUNS for fun and no not at anyone. Just not to be afraid to Enjoy evey second that your alive. I love to live life. If you dont you might miss something so great b/c you are scared. Love life and God. and things will be great. :) I love to meet ppl and talk to anyone just about. I’m out going, but I do have my shy points. “

  • Bob

    I know this girl personally and you are an asshole.

    • Manuel Guajardo

      i think you have mental problems !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Her dad murdered two people because she was mad at them.  Maybe you forgot that, Bob, you asshole.  I hope she gets to watch him fry.

  • Manuel Guajardo

    omg !!! just because you know the girl does it make her a good person,two people are dead because of her and,a baby has no parents. these are the kind of people you hang around with ?? i don`t want you around my family,bob !!!!!